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Flash Official Stock Firmwares on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Using Odin

By Techno Addicts on Saturday, 15 September 2012 0 comments

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT - S5830 owners and users now you will be very happy that now official sotck firmwares that are leaked are now made available for download without voiding your device warranty. There is 2 way on how to Flash Official Stock Firmwares on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Using Odin, first is using samsung KIES to upgrade your firmware to latest version. The 2nd and other way is to use ODIN multidownloader app to flash firmware.

Most of users prefer the 2nd method since it is very fast and safe to do so. Below I will give a step by step guide on how to update/upgrade your device firmware to official update using ODIN.

Disclamer : This site will not be responsible for anything damages or data loss to your device. This site is only for information purposes only.We have instructions below follow step by step proccess to have a successful installation without causing problems. Proceed at your own risk.


1.  Download Samsung USB drivers here, this will connect your device to pc. If you have installed samsung kies on your pc this drivers are installed automatically no need to install again.

2. Download Odin Mutlidownloader v4.38 here, this is to flash or upgrade firmware.  yagyagaire pass

3. Download Cooper_v1.OPS file here, this is needed each time you flash via Odin  yagyagaire pass

4. Download Latest official firmware here, Firmware that you want to upgrade or flash with your device.

Now the procedure/guide on how to Flash Official Stock Firmwares on Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 Using Odin

1. Make sure you have followed all the requirements above.

2. Back up your important data's such as SMS, Contacts, Call logs, Images APN Settings and etc.

3. Download any latest firmware for you device.

4. Exctract download and examine.

5. If you got single .tar / .tar.md5 configure odin for one package file.

  • First Run odin multidownloader for galaxy ACE GT-S583
  • Then check one package , auto reboot and protect ops check boxes
  • Click on OPS button then load cooper_v1.0.ops file
  • Now go to the bottom and click one package button
  • Load single .tar or .tar.md5 file

   If you got two or more  .tar / .tar.md5 configure odin for  flashing multiple package file.

  • Run Odin multidownloader for Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
  • Then check auto reboot and protect ops check boxes, do not check one package option
  • Click on OPS button then load copper_v1.0.ops file
  • Click boot button and select .tar file with apboot in the name
  • Click on pda button and select .tar file with code or pda in the name
  • click phone button and select .tar file with modem in the name
  • click csc button and select .tar file with csc or csc multi in the name
  • Leave EFS blank

6. Once odin is configured turn off your device.

7. Boot your device in download mode.

8. Download mode can be entered by pressing volume down + home + power button simultaneously

9. When your phone is in download mode connect your device to PC using USB cable.

10. Once connected in download mode then odin will say detected and you may press start button

11. Wait for 5-6 minutes for odin to flash the firmware.

12. When odin says PASS at the top left box now you can disconnect your device.

Note: You need to do a data wipe,cache wipe after you flash new firmware for a clean install. If your device is tuck for a long time you need also to do a factory rest/wipe data and wipe cache and reboot your device by going to recovery mode. Recovery mode can be entred by pressing home + power button

Congratulations now you have successfully updated/upgraded your device Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 to the latest firmware avaible.

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